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Bicycle Transportation in Trains

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The Guard's Van

Foto GepäckwagenDescription: An empty coach with open space and loading hatches (floor approx. 80 cm above the platform, no steps). It may have facilities for hanging bicycles; no noise-insulation, no heating, few windows and no special interior design. Existing types of guard's van used by the DB AG: "Dms" and "BDomsb".

Functions: Bicycles are parked close to each other. During the ride they have to be rearranged so that the bikes that are to be unloaded at the next station are nearest the door. This is why the bicycles are not allowed to be locked, and the van has to be guarded or kept locked.

Foto LadetorAdvantages: High capacity for a large number of bicycles with little waste of space; easy transportation of tandems, tricycles, bike-trailers and specially constructed bikes.

Disadvantages: Extra conductor required to load the bikes, passengers have to lift their bicycles up high to the loading hatch, no multi-usage possible (except for the transport of cargo).

Field of service: Transport of big groups of travelers, the need for additional manpower does not permit cost-efficient use.

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