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Bicycle Transportation in Trains

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The Bicycle Coach

Foto: FahrradwagenDescription: The bicycle coach is characterised by the existence of bike holders and possibly a number of bike-hangers, loading hatches, no noise-insulation, no heating, few windows and no special interior design. The type of coach currently in service with the DB AG: "Dmd".

Functions: Bicycles have to be lifted up through the loading hatch, parked in the bike-holders and locked. The adequate spacing between the parked bikes means it is never necessary to remove other bikes in order to take one out.

Advantages: No extra conductor required for loading, passengers do not have to stay close to their bikes, the bicycle holders can be included in the reservation service. Sufficient space is available for tandems, tricycles and trailers.

Disadvantages: The presence of a conductor is necessary during boarding and alighting, passengers have to lift-up their bikes to the loading hatch, no multi-purpose-usage; this leads to less efficient utilisation of the space and lower-capacity bike parking.

Field of service: In local and long distance traffic usage is only economical on lines with a high demand or as an additional coach provided for group travel.

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