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Bicycle Transportation in Trains

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The Bicycle Compartment

Description: Holders for standing bikes, a small number of hangers, some folding seats opposite the bike racks, windows, heating/ventilation, lockers for luggage, attractive interior design, wide entrance doors (preferably low-floor-entrance, big compartments with loading doors). Existing types of coaches in service with the DB AG: "Bimd", "Bpmd", "Bpmbdf", "ABbd".

Foto IR-FahrradabteilFunctions: Bicycles are carried through the door by the passenger and locked in the stands. Since there is sufficient space between the stands, an individual bike can be taken out at any time without the other bicycles having to be rearranged. During the bicycle season (Spring to Autumn), the compartment mainly serves for bike transport. Some of the cyclists are able to find seats next to the bikes on the folding seats. Out of season, the folding seats offer additional seating on the train. If necessary, a relatively comfortable standing area (compared to the doorway zones) or space for baby-carriages or other bulky goods is then available. During the winter, some of the bike holders can be replaced by holders for skis.

Advantages: No additional staff necessary, out-of-season usage of the bike compartment is possible, travellers do not have to stay close to their bikes, bike-parking can be incorporated in the reservation-system..

Disadvantages: Poorer space utilisation - lower bike-parking capacity, bike holders get in the way of other uses, tandems, tricycles and trailers can only be parked in very big compartments with wide entrance doors.

Field of service: Standard for long-distance routes, in local-trains only in the form of very big compartments (bigger than half a coach) on lines with a high demand.

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